Thank you for your interest in submitting your work for consideration for representation. I have very few submission requirements, but please make sure your project conforms to them. I respond to all queries provided they meet these requirements. 

I endeavor to respond within 8 weeks to all inbound requests. If you have not heard from me by then, please reach out and make sure your email didn't get lost in the ether, victimized by wandering spam bots, or swallowed whole by erroneous, preemptive archiving.


  • Include your name. Seriously, tell me your name. Or what you want to be called. Or your n-digit identifying number from whatever horrific dystopian future you hail from.
  • Tell me what the title of your project is.
  • Tell me what genre it is. I know, I know it's a special flower that defies easy categorization. Too bad. Where does it go in the bookstore? If you can't tell me that, then I'm not sure I can help you.
  • Tell me a little about yourself. Writing credits, what you do for work, interests, where you live, anything that helps me understand where you come from and what your work speaks to.
  • Include a sample of your work. 10 pages please, in the body of the email. NO ATTACHMENTS.


  • Young Adult Fiction: looking for a wide range of YA across genres.
    • Especially keen on Science Fiction - anything that feels grounded in recognizable technology and societies.
    • Also, mysteries and thrillers, and realistic contemporary.
  • Middle Grade Fiction! I am now open to MG manuscripts. I am especially looking for Science Fiction and Fantasy adventure stories. I am not interested in high-concept mashups, complicated and artificial contest stories, and the like. I'm looking for stories that feel grounded in the struggles kids face today rendered through the lens of fiction.
    • I am also open to Contemporary MG, especially stories that contend with race and culture in today's world.
  • Science fiction: near future, realistic, Space Opera, thrillers. Pretty much everything except for military SF and cyberpunk.
  • Fantasy: mostly looking for Epic Fantasy, but open to contemporary fantasy.
    • Not looking for urban fantasy, anything with lots of sexual violence, or imperialist, racist, retrograde stuff.
  • Non-fiction: looking for food writing, pop culture, science writing, and books that address race and culture.


These items aren't a blacklist-- more like a grey list. I'm open to possibility but the items on this list are not as interesting or appealing to me for either personal, aesthetic, or business reasons.

  • Superheroes.
  • Vampires.
  • Werewolves.
  • Angels.
  • Demons.
  • Atlantis.
  • Time Travel.
  • Talking Animals.
  • Previously published/self-published works. In most cases, there's very little I can do for you unless you've sold tens of thousands of copies. If it's not a runaway hit, then send me a fresh project.


So email me already, won't you?