I have very few submission requirements. Just send me whatever you think is going to give me an idea of what your project is, who you are, and a compelling sample of your work.


- Include your name. Seriously, tell me your name. Or what you want to be called. Or your n-digit identifying number from whatever horrific dystopian future you hail from.

- Tell me what the title of your project is.

- Tell me what genre it is. I know, I know it's a special flower that defies easy categorization. Too bad. Where does it go in the bookstore? If you can't tell me that, then I'm not sure I can help you.

- Include a sample of your work. 


- Send me a random snippet from the middle of the book. This is confusing.


- I will read your email and consider the merits of your project. I will send you a courteous reply back informing you of my decision, thoughts, and any feedback if any occurs to me that would seem to be helpful. Maybe I will ask to see more. Maybe I won't. You won't know til you ask.


- Science fiction of all types. Especially space operas, near future things with space-y bits like GRAVITY or THE MARTIAN.

- Fantasy, especially epic fantasy, heroic quests, dragon fighting, dragon riding, dragon pet-having, gritty fantasy with limited magic systems, gritty fantasy with no magic at all, scoundrels, secret princes, secret princesses, non-western fantasies, not-racist fantasies, not-sexist fantasies, contemporary fantasies with interesting magic systems, really complicated magic systems, really mysterious magic systems, sweeping family dramas, deadly political dramas. among others.

- Science! Tell me about cool science! Especially ecology, biology, genetics, and new developments in medicine. If you think you have a decent shot of making a good Radiolab segment, I want to hear about it.

- Food! Tell me about food history, culture, innovation, new frontiers. I really love Dan Barber's THE THIRD PLATE so let's make that a movement, yes? yes.

- Pop-culture. I like music and movies and internet things. Tell me about them.


- These items aren't a blacklist-- more like a grey list. I'm open to possibility but for a variety of reasons, the items on this list are not as interesting or appealing to me for either personal, aesthetic, or business reasons. It's an idiosyncratic list and I'm open to being wow-ed. But, you're going to have to work extra hard to convince me.

- Superheroes. Vampires. Werewolves. Angels. Demons. Atlantis. Time Travel. Talking Animals.

- Previously published/self-published works. In most cases, there's very little I can do for you unless you've sold tens of thousands of copies. If it's not a runaway hit, then send me a fresh project.

So email me already, won't you? dongwon@morhaimliterary.com