A decade of experience on all sides of the publishing business

from Agenting, to editing, to Digital Bookselling


Daniel Abraham, Greg Bear, Robert Jackson Bennett, James SA Corey, Gordon Dahlquist, Amanda Downum, Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire), Kate Griffin, Glenda Larke, Su-Yee Lin, Karin Lowachee, Isaac Marion, Gail Z. Martin, Simon Morden, James Swain, Walter Jon Williams, among many others...


New York Times Bestselling Series: Newsflesh (Feed, Deadline, Blackout) by Mira Grant

New York Times Bestselling Series: The Expanse by James SA Corey


Shirley Jackson Award, 2010 - Mr. Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett

Edgar Award, 2012 - The Company Man by Robert Jackson Bennett

Philip K. Dick Award Special Citation of Excellence, 2012 - The Company Man by Robert Jackson Bennett

4 Hugo Nominated works including: Feed by Mira Grant (2011), Deadline by Mira Grant (2012), Leviathan Wakes by James SA Corey (2012), Countdown by Mira Grant (2012)

Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlist (2012): Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear